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  • From: Yu Ning
  • Date: Sun Mar 24 22:19:33 2002

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|Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 10:14 AM
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|Subject: Re: SNMP and BGP
|	Please ask your vendors to implement the
|bgp mib v2 draft.. or at least the received routes info.
|	They already display it in their various CLIs.  (juniper+cisco for
|	They have the number available.  it should be easy to reveal these
|in snmp for reliable accurate polling.
|	- Jared


I suppose there is vendor watching this thread. I also propose adding
current BGP table
version number into the BGP-MIB, because checking this number at regular
time will
give you an idea of your router bgp stability, without this MIB, I have to
use script to
parse router output (as mentioned in another post related to routing table


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