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RE: long distance gigabit ethernet

  • From: Chen Genossar
  • Date: Sun Mar 24 02:01:45 2002

Hi Greg,

Are you familiar with companies that provide two gig Ethernets into an OC-48
channel ?

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One thing to consider here is that you have to buy and OC-192 service
for 10GbE WAN phy.  That is prohibitively expensive for many.

Also, be sure to ask Ethernet vendors about their time frames for WAN
PHY support.  While there is a spec for WAN PHY, there has been a
disconnect between the telco and ethernet oriented industries about
which PHY will make money for them the fastest.  Ethernet vendors in
the 10G space typically provide LAN PHY now with vauge plans for WAN
phy over the next 18 months.  There are exceptions already and this
will resolve over time.  However, if you are seriously looking at
10GigE today, this is worth spending some time on.

For GbE, another direction to look at is the DWDM products that can
feed two gig ethernets into an OC-48 channel.

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 10:45:12AM -0500, Bill St. Arnaud wrote:
> Forget it with today's technology. All long haul systems use SONET
> But with the 10Gbe standard WAN PHY you can directly connect into a SONET
> transponder and your ethernet will be carried transparently.
> Bill
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> Bill St. Arnaud
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> > Subject: long distance gigabit ethernet
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> >
> >
> > I'm looking at long-haul gigabit ethernet as a possible solution versus
> > traditional SONET and I'm a little bit wary as promises made on web
> > and white papers aren't *always* completely accurate.  I'd
> > appreciate it if
> > you all would share your experiences with it. By long-haul I mean in the
> > hundreds or thousands of miles. I need to know:
> >
> > a. Does it work properly?
> >
> > b. Who offers it in the continental US?
> >
> > Please contact me off-list. Any information is greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Greg Pendergrass
> >
> >