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RE: Verio as an DS3 upstream provider - comments?

  • From: Mark Radabaugh
  • Date: Sat Mar 23 14:01:25 2002

> Subject: Verio as an DS3 upstream provider - comments?
> I'm looking into possibly using Verio as an additional
> upstream provider.
> If you have any experience with Verio, can you give me any
> feedback on them?
> Thanks.
> - mz

Given the rapidly shrinking size of the geographic area served, the sale
of all of the dialup business to Earthlink and the closure of many of
the data centers I would not be surprised to see significant depeering
with Verio in the near future.

We had service with Verio for several years.  Don't expect to be able to
resolve BGP issues any time other than 9-5pm.  First level dedicated
access tech support is sometimes difficult to reach and can be extremely

Billing is an utter basket case.  I really like the part where Verio
closed the Toledo POP and left town but is still billing us for service.
I'm waiting for them to call and threaten to shut us off - that should
be a fairly humorous conversation.

The network itself was decent.  Good connectivity and low latency but I
wouldn't expect it to last much longer.

Mark Radabaugh
(419) 833-3635