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Re: City apologizes for ORBZ shutdown....

  • From: Scott Francis
  • Date: Fri Mar 22 14:58:13 2002

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 07:04:36AM -0800, [email protected] said:
> *sigh*

from the article ...
"Our investigation and conversations with Mr. Gulliver's attorney have led us
to believe that there was no criminal intent to cause the City harm," she
[assistant to the city manager Michelle Reen] said. "However, there was no way
for us to know when we received the hit that this was not intended as a
malicious prank." 

Battle Creek's information systems expert and a local detective were responsible
for convincing a judge to issue a search warrant and seek to seize Gulliver's
ORBZ documentation.

I can believe this kind of clueless, heavy-handed behavior from law
enforcement, but apparently their information systems 'expert' could stand a
course or two on common Internet practices. Like spam filtering, and relay
databases - anybody that can't differentiate between a probe from a known
open relay tester, and a portscan, needs to be sent back to school. Contrary
to the city manager's assistant, there certainly _is_ a way they could have
known whether the 'hit' was malicious or not. They could merely have _asked_,
instead of starting out with a court order.

I echo Mike - *sigh*

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