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Unwanted dial-outs

  • From: Dave Garber
  • Date: Fri Mar 22 08:49:35 2002

I have a question that I hope someone here can help me with. I have a client who is running a Windows 2k Advanced Server with 7 Windows 2k pro clients. They're setup with Sygate Office Network on the server for internet dial-out sharing. The problem we're having is unwanted calls made to the ISP (which is on a LD line... it's temporary until they move into their permanent office at which time they will be going with a broadband solution) randomly during the day by ALL of the 7 clients! The trigger event is to this domain - None of the clients are running any type of internet application when this occurs and I haven't been able to figure out what is?
What is triggering this event and why? Has anyone heard of this before?
Any input is greatly appreciated!
Dave Garber
CompuHelp Unlimited/The Computer Cafe