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Re: Internet Exchange Questions

  • From: Terence Giufre-Sweetser
  • Date: Thu Mar 21 11:45:22 2002

> I know of 323 IXes today.

Good to see AusBONE there, however it does seem that your recent public
comments on AusBONE may need some clarification, specially when you have
not bothered to seek any information from the people running it.

There is no AusBONE Adelaide, it was/is SAIX, the South Australian
Internet Exchange.

Aside from that, you may wish to add an "under construction" for your
Shanghai and Guangzhou (aka Canton) entries, and add a line for a possible
in Wuhan.  Most of the provincial capitals are planning some form of
regional IXP, for hand off traffic on LCR/SPF.

India, well, scrub the Enron entry.  It's far more likely that the first
real working IXP in India will be "east coast", possibly Chennai (aka
Madras) or even Hyderabad.

There is a private MPLA exchange in Colombo, Sri Lanka, I'll query the MD
of the company there for a URL.

I have not been able to get information on: Pakistan, Bangladash,
Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.
[Several of these countries have a state monopoly telco, which would
explain the total lack of activity.]

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