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Re: Question re. SSH

  • From: David Schwartz
  • Date: Wed Mar 20 16:36:03 2002

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002 11:50:22 -0500, Steve Sobol wrote:
>Apologies in advance for any operational content this may contain.
>I have a customer who wants to get a static ip with his dialup. He uses SSH
>and plans to do X11 forwarding, and if he gets disconnected and redials and
>gets another
>IP the previous sessions would be inaccessible.
>I can do static IP but I want to try to save the guy a couple bucks. :)
>Would a static IP be required to make sure he doesn't lose those X11
>sessions after a disconnect?

	No. He just has to be able to request a 'preferred' IP and be granted it if 
it's available. DHCP can do this.

	On his end, he must request his last IP as his 'preferred' IP. On your end, 
you must give a client the IP they request if it's available.

	If you want to be really slick, you will 'reserve' an IP for 2 minutes after 
it's released and only allow it to be reissued (within those two minutes) to 
the same user. This protects all your dialup users from session hijacking and 
gives them some of the benefits of a static IP while still allowing you to 
overcommit IP addresses.

>Asking here because I figure my chances of getting an accurate answer are
>better here than on
>any of the other mailing lists I read.