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Survey on IBGP persistent route oscillation problem

  • From: Susan Hares
  • Date: Wed Mar 20 12:35:08 2002

IBGP and Persistent Route Oscillation

The Draft BGP Persistent Route Oscillation draft describes route oscillation occurring in networks today. This draft can be obtained at:

In order to evaluate how significant a problem the route oscillation is, I would like to get input from network operators. If you could take a few moments and fill out this survey, it would help in determining the severity of the problems. Any information solicited by this survey will remain private. Summaries of this information will be sent to this list and the IDR working list.

Sue Hares
IDR co-chair


1) Contact information:

Email address:
Phone number:

2 What type of network do you run (select one of the choices)?

a) Enterprise network
b) Service provider Tier 1
c) Service provider Tier 2
d) Service provider - other
e) Exchange point
f) Specialized service provider
g) Other (please specify)

3) Have you seen persistent route oscillation in your network?
What type of route oscillation?

a) Experiencing Type I MED churn with Route Reflectors?
b) Experiencing Type I MED churn with AS Confederations
c) Experiencing Type II MED churn with 2 Tiers of Route Reflectors?
d) Experiencing Type II MED church with AS Confederations?

What steps have you taken to fix this problem?

4) If you run IBGP, please answer the questions below.
(If you don't run IBGP, then the whole survey is irrelevant to you)

a) How many IBGP peers in your network? How many of routes are
carried in IBGP?
b) Do you use MED? Are you transit for other Ass?
c) Do you use Router Reflectors? How many levels?
d) Do you use AS confederations? How many AS in confederations?

5) If you run EBGP,
How many EBGP peers do you have? How many other
Autonomous Systems (ASs) do you peer with? Do you use MED or AS

[If you don't run EBGP, then the whole survey is irrelevant to you)