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Re: Internet Exchange Questions

  • From: Ariel Biener
  • Date: Tue Mar 19 14:57:48 2002

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Streiner, Justin wrote:


    I don't know if the question was mainly intended towards the american
based IXes. If so, then the below may be of little interest. If not,
please read on.


    There are scenarios when IXes are built and maintained by a non-profit
body, (a .org for example). The peering policies of such IXes are also
very appealing to small/mid range ISPs, since they may offer a one to many
peering model (where the IX itself is an AS - you peer with it, and it
peers with all). This allows an open peering based IX, where larger
entities do not charge the smaller ones for the ability to peer with

    Running an IX by a 3rd party, not for profit, ensures among others,
the ability to focus on quality rather than quantity, equal rights to all
peers, flexibility of the service, and the ability to create a
*community*, where exchanging information and learning benefits all of the
peers, and helps improve on the IX itself.

    Such an IX will usually charge low connectivity prices, based on how
much it costs them, plus maintenance (staff + service contracts with
vendors) and a marginal value to allow for future expansion (bigger/faster

    There are a few examples around the world, one of which is the IIX
(Israeli Internet eXchange). On a market economy, I don't know what is
exactly the right place for such entities, and how well can they scale
into a large scale operation, moving hundreds of terrabytes, and employing
alot of staff. But, if you'll take a peek at LINX (, it would
seem that it is possible.

    Usually, the people involved in setting up such an IX from the ground
up, and also those running it, are people well known for their integrity
and skill, and usually trusted among the peers they aim to serve.

     I hope this angle of IXs is of interest to the original person who
initiated this discussion.



P.S.  It would seem that Europe in general has more of these type of IXes
      than other places in the world.

Ariel Biener
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