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Re: Internet Exchange Questions

  • From: Jon Bennett
  • Date: Tue Mar 19 11:56:02 2002

> 3) As time passes, more providers either understand
> the benefits of
> peering at an exchange point versus paying
> ${UPSTREAM} to provide transit
> for all of their traffic, or their traffic levels
> grow to the point (see
> point 1) where peering at ${EXCHANGE} begins to make
> financial sense.
> Most providers lack the levels of traffic or the
> geographic footprint to
> peer with the big guys (UUNET, Sprint, AT&T, CW,
> Genuity, etc), who
> typically build private interconnections with each
> other in multiple
> geographically diverse areas.  Private interconnects
> are normally not cost
> effective for service providers who don't satisfy
> those criteria, so for
> them, peering at exchange points is more
> financially/technically
> attractive.

Is there a need for additional IXs or are there too
many today and some should be consolidated or shut
down altogether? If there is a need for new IXs, where
do you put them? Who decides where to build a new IX
and how do you get service providers to show up there
once it is built?


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