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Re: changes in classification of cable internet service

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Sat Mar 16 13:30:49 2002

Steve Sobol wrote:
> any comments on this WRT Tauzin-Dingleberry?
Yes.  This affects only cable, but as the news article notes, next up is 
phone lines.

This was a response to the possibility that Tauzin-Dingell might not 
pass the Senate.  It's a nasty end-around the normal legal process.  

Just another example of the Administration turning to despotism in its 
fight with Congress.

Congress can overturn the "rule", but like everything else, that 
requires a vote.  Since there is probably enough support in leadership 
to block the vote, this will probably be let stand by Congress.

(Remember, the Republican leadership blocked having a vote on 
Campaign Finance Reform, and the supporters had to sign a "discharge 
petition" showing they had a majority of votes to pass it.  That's 
really rare, and it took 6 months.)

The only thing left will be the courts.
William Allen Simpson
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