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Re: ipnmoo (Re: CEOlink)

  • From: k claffy
  • Date: Thu Mar 14 19:19:52 2002

sorry folks, the CNAME is there now
(we shifted ipnmoo to another machine last year)

remark this machine is in SDSC
so you have the same `distributed access point' needs 
as with any other channel.  
haven't kept up with distributed.mud-type software
(i.e., having the server distributed to remove
the single point of failure)
though i've heard it discussed/opined over the years 
so don't know what the state of the art is there.

caida will continue to provide ipnmoo accounts to those
who agree to the terms on
(send mail to [email protected] for user account)
  k claffy wrote:
  >         telnet://
  > (note i moved it from;
  > i'll get the web page fixed tomorrow)
  > k
  as of about 6am et -
  ** server can't find NXDOMAIN