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Re: vipul's razor

  • From: Constantinos A. Kotsokalis
  • Date: Thu Mar 14 11:07:17 2002

Hi Petr,
I have been thinking about this as well.
Question to everyone: What kind of conditioning do you think could be applied to Vipul's Razor, in order to avoid such poisoning? A simple example is the following condition:

"If there are more than four agents reporting a mail as spam, and if they are located in different ASs, then the mail is considered as such".

What other options can you think of?


PS: Thanks to Steve and Robert for providing insight and a link to (which I was not aware of).

Petr M. Swedock wrote:
Is't possible to use this to 'poison' the catalogue: that is to say,
how easy is it to create a denial-of-service for legitimate mail?



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