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rbl for apnic ranges

  • From: Sabri Berisha
  • Date: Thu Mar 14 10:23:36 2002

Hi all,

Recently there have been discussions on blackholing 211.* on mailboxes.
Because I was sick and tired of the massive amount of spam (and
non-responsive network admins) I decided to blackhole them too. Because
211.* also has a piece of .au in it, simply listing was not an
option for me.

I decided to put up a list, based on
which lists the allocations per country in the form of
<countrycode> ie, and make it
pubically available.

You can check the list at which is in the
tinydns-data format and of course use it for black/whitelisting purposes.

It is not yet updated automagically, I will write something for that soon.

Sabri Berisha
					"I route, therefore you are"
~ my own opinions etc ~