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Re: CEOlink

  • From: Susan Harris
  • Date: Thu Mar 14 09:01:24 2002

> > Once upon a time, kc had a MOO -- we used to hang out there and discuss 
> > things in real time....
> Indeed. Once upon a time... one wonders why that is no longer the case. It
> isn't as if a MOO (or any other flavor of favorite server) takes up much.
> Is nobody offering, or is nobody using what's offered?

It'd be great if we had our own Slashdot site, with sections for outage
reports, bulletins, and threaded discussions that were spun off from the
main NANOG list because they were only of interest to a small group. The
Slashdot source is available but the install sounds fairly complex -
multiple perl modules, mySQL, etc.  We've thought about developing a
prototype at Merit, but volunteers would certainly be welcome.