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Re: ILEC Map

  • From: Bruce Robertson
  • Date: Tue Mar 12 16:56:27 2002

> i was under the impresssion that ILECs (incumbent local exchange
> carriers) were pretty much only the RBOCs (regional bell operating
> companies) and that CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers) were
> the other LECs that sprung up after 96'ish?

No, there have always been hundreds of small, non-RBOC phone companies that
have been around for years.  All of these are considered ILECs, because they
have a monopoly in their service area, and predate 1996.  Even in Nevada, for
example, there are 13 different ILEC phone companies.  The top three are Nevada
Bell, Verizon and Sprint (in ILEC mode, not IXC mode), but the other 10 are
just as much ILECs, and have outside plants ranging from 27,164 lines down to
just 138.

The RBOCs would have you believe that they have always owned the world, but
it just ain't so.

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