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Re: ILEC Map

  • From: Steven J. Sobol
  • Date: Mon Mar 11 23:26:43 2002

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Irwin Lazar wrote:

> Folks,
> Is there a web site out there that provides a map of the united states
> showing each ILEC and the states within their region (Bellsouth, SBC, Qwest,
> & Verizon)?

No, but maybe this will help.

Verizon is Bell Atlantic + GTE, but GTE covers rural areas in a ton of
different states. Used to, anyhow... Bell Atlantic covers the Eastern 
Seaboard, New England, WV and PA.

Due to the GTE merger, however, Verizon has chunks of several large
states, including a nice chunk of northern Ohio and several significant
pieces of California, including a chunk of the metro Los Angeles area.

SBC is SNET [Southern New England Telephone, Connecticut] + Ameritech
[Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana] + Pacific Bell [California] +
Nevada Bell [duh :)] + Southwestern Bell. Southwestern Bell
looks like it covers Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. (I figured this 
out by visiting 


and checking out the list of states in which they've filed tarriffs, and
eliminating the states that I knew are part of other SBC operating 

BellSouth covers the Southeast - AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN 
(according to their web page

If I'm not mistaken, the rest of the continental US is covered by Qwest.
Their web site cites WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, ND, SE, NE, MN, IA, UT, CO, AZ 
and NM as their coverage area.

(*counting*) yup, that's 48 states, and I believe Verizon covers Hawaii
(former GTE area), and I have absolutely no clue who covers Alaska.

The other ILEC of any significant size would be Alltel, but they only 
cover a few major markets; most of their coverage is in outlying rural 

(Your timing was good. I happened to be bored a few minutes ago... you
gave me something to do...)

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