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Brain registry or Host registry?

  • From: Paul Wouters
  • Date: Mon Mar 11 12:25:00 2002

Three weeks, seven tickets, and nine operators later it looks like I might
actually have my host records NSG4447-HST and NSJ4375-HST updated in the
next 48 hours. That's only 20 days after I've sent the first form, and 11
days since that old IP has been disconnected.

In short my problem was that I used hostnames like for
com/net/org domains, registrered at NetSol. When NetSol split into the Baby 
Registrars they still "owned" those records. However, protocol for the
people at NetSol (or Verisign or whatever) is that:

"We do not change the ip numbers of foreign hosts unless they ar the
 ones that were registrered with us. Please inform customer that entries
 served as pointers that goes back to the nl registry for the correct ip
 addresses. Our whois database [they're referring to] 
 is not athorativ for .nl"

I spend the next 15 minutes telling them that has no relation
whatsoever to com/net/org/internic, and that netsol still had records of
my stuff, that I wanted changed. When he wanted to point me to the
Registrars, I pointed out to him that _I_ was a Registrar of
When finally guiding him to dutch only pages of ('whois 
[email protected]' went beyond the skills of the NetSol escalation 
manager) and showing him the records for, this guy suddenly 
went "Oh, we can mirror that......". *sigh* I can see a very scalable
solution. "Let's manually change all modify requests for non com/net/org
nameserver objects." That must be a very scalable solution. I bet they
can get money from ICANN for doing that as well. No wonder RIR's are
bailing out on all this crap.

ObLessonLearned: For com/net/org, only use com/net/org based named for 

Now I guess I have "24 upto 48 hours" to buy an M16 and fly to Virginia.

And in the inifitesmall chance that somewhere on this list is someone
from network solutions that actually understands more then the usual "we
need to stall as many customers as long as we can for added shareholder value",
you can have a look at my brand new shiny ticket of today's episode of 
NetSol, 1-17GPVQ.

Paul, convinced that by the time he dies, Verisign will have problems 
doing his grave locatinregistration for the NL.
"It takes a million monkeys at typewriters to write Shakespeare, but 
 only a dozen monkeys at computers to run Network Solutions." 

                                      --- Patrick Delahanty