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OT: Re: Problems with a black hole list in the netherlands

  • From: Bob K
  • Date: Sat Mar 09 09:10:45 2002

On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 07:04:36AM -0500, Richard Irving wrote:
>  Hello, we are currently having a problem with a vigilante block list
> in the netherlands... I figure this is as good a forum as any....

I suspect these:

would be better forums to take this to.

> >The boilerplate:
> >Please see <>, xbl is a *local* list, it would cost
> >us time to check whether we can whitelist your IP.
> I would ignore the fool, but his list is mentioned at
> and some consider them as a valid source
> of data....
> * sigh *
> Idea's ?

Perhaps you could contact those that "consider them as a valid source of
data" and see if you can convince them to put in an exception for your
mailserver.  This should not be difficult if they want your mail.

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