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Problems with a black hole list in the netherlands

  • From: Richard Irving
  • Date: Sat Mar 09 07:07:23 2002

 Hello, we are currently having a problem with a vigilante block list
in the netherlands... I figure this is as good a forum as any....

>The boilerplate:
>Please see <>, xbl is a *local* list, it would cost
>us time to check whether we can whitelist your IP.

Upon contacting this individual we get:

>I listed the netblock(s) of your ISP  because we get spam and
>autoreplies from it and sometimes, if at all, mail that is readworthy.

 Of course, he can't produce -any- spam, or autoreply's, 
from our range.. or much of anything, really. Probably hit
by a NIMBDA worm, or something. But, he has
one of those "Unix Admin from H-ll" attitude's.

Unprofessional, and Vigilante.

How would one approach -this-  ?

I would ignore the fool, but his list is mentioned at and some consider them as a valid source
of data....

* sigh *

Idea's ?