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Re: Telco's write best practices for packet switching networks

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Wed Mar 06 11:34:37 2002

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Ron da Silva wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 03:04:00PM +0000, Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
> >
> > ...For a backbone filtering is another story entirely. Filtering
> > backbone equipment for it's protection is also a completely different
> > topic...
> Filtering on the backbone is exactly what I mean.  Clueful backbone
> providers should know the ins and outs of their data...

Wow, this is a bold statement... do you deal at all with asymetrically
routed customers? odd protocols? wierd applications? for any 'large' sized
provider knowledge of the traffic beyond "its ip" is going to be a very
difficult task. Even knowledge of address ranges crossing the network is a
tough task give some customers default all traffic via one provider OUT
and in through an alternate provider (assymetrical routing).

Really, filtering anything but point incidents isn't a simple task, and at
times point incidents are a challenge :)