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Re: Tauzin-Dingell (was ICANN)

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Tue Mar 05 17:07:25 2002

In my earlier message, I used a "political term-of-art" incorrectly.
Lynn Rivers has a "demographic" advantage in her race with Dingell.

Also, Rivers for Congress does take PAC money and some PACs have been 
very helpful in past years. But she relies on individual contributions 
to a greater degree than most Congressional campaigners.

There, now the lawyers will rest more easily....  and you were bored 
with trivia.  Sorry.

The point remains, ISPs need to band together on these political issues
before we are crushed.  AFAIK, the only organization we've joined 
(ISP/C) doesn't do that sort of thing.  Is there a group that does?

William Allen Simpson
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