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Re: Line Rate vs CPU utilization info requested

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Thu Feb 28 11:35:03 2002

Thus spake "Donn Lasher" <[email protected]>
> Does anyone have a table / web site / etc that talks about realized IP
> throughput on various routers (3600 / 7100 / 7200, 5500, 6500, etc)
> versus cpu load? IE even though you can put 4 x 100M ethernet cards
> in a 3640, IMHO, you'd never see 400/800M aggregate throughput
> because the CPU would be on its' knees begging long before that point.

The real-world limitation for a 3640 is 70kpps (no acls, fast sw, 100% cpu).
At 45Mb/s, a 3640 should be just warming up.

> I'm looking at a project that calls for a DS3, and the suggested router
> is a 3640, and I'm trying to prove / document that's not a wise idea.

A 3640 should work fine for that application, provided you don't have any
other major requirements like BGP, long ACLs, etc.