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Re: Satellite latency

  • From: Chrisy Luke
  • Date: Wed Feb 27 14:11:12 2002

Simon Lyall wrote (on Feb 27):
> Thats about it, the whole thing isn't rocket science, packets go from A to
> B and take a bit longer to get their. You have asymetric routing but the
> only problems that happen is that US NOC admins run around screaming when
> you tell them about it.

I remember trying to exlpain to some US NOC that yes, our satellite uplink
is in London, with a UK company, yes, hosted in London and that yes, the
customer is in Israel, dialng up to an Israeli ISP with an IP address
in Israel that we happen to advertise transit for in London.

And yes, it does work.

This particular bastardisation used a multihop BGP session for the Israeli
ISP to advertise a netblock to us, which we transited. While this session
was in place, traffic towardsd clients went over the satellite. Without it,
it ended up going to Israel, via the clients dialup. I love simple
solutions for resilience.

Honestly. Some people just needed a bit of imagination.

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