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Re: Satellite latency

  • From: David R Huberman
  • Date: Wed Feb 27 09:48:53 2002

Actually, it's a two-way connection, and I sent you a private e-mail, but
hey, in front of 10k folks is cool.... :>

> On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 07:25:52AM -0700, David R Huberman wrote:
> > My biggest pbeef is the delay while using ssh or telnet. I attribute
> > this mostly to speed of light issues. Web browsing, Remedy, and other
> > IP software seem to work acceptably fast given my expectations.
> >
> > Have you found 'tools' to assist removing delay from the typical
> > connection, especially as it relates to ssh?
> actually, i think the problem you are seeing is moreso related to the
> asymetric nature of the connection (i think you were referring to directway
> which is a "one-way" satelite feed).
> i generally only use such connections for front-ending a squid server.
> the problem is that the round trip routing of your packets gets pretty
> diverse.  when you type the packets go out the modem, across a terrestrial
> network to the uplink, then back down over satelite.
> not much can be done to make that better.
> if you "own" the network, there are some tunneling things you can do to make
> things appear to be less asymetric, which might help, but if you are an
> end-user, you'll just have to tough it out.
> alternately, configure your router/etc to use the IP of your dial-up connection
> for ssh/telnet, instead of the IP of the downlink.  this will make your
> telnet/ssh work using only the dial-up connection, which will eliminate the
> asymetric routing.
> (ie. interactive traffic uses the dial-up addr, "bulk" services use the
> downlink).
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