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Re: Satellite latency

  • From: Jim Mercer
  • Date: Wed Feb 27 09:25:09 2002

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 05:13:13AM -0700, David R Huberman wrote:
> > DirecPC (Hughes) now has a business grade service called
> > DirecWay.  Haven't tried it.  One would expect it
> > would be better than the ones intended for residential only.
> > It claims to go to 1.5M down like Tachyon.
> I use Direcway presently as my primary link. I refer to it as, "Dialup
> Plus!" As a previous poster noted, ssh sessions are painful. I now resort
> to typing e-mails out in a local text editor and cutting and pasting them
> into my ssh window.

i regularly work across satelite links, and haven't found it intolerable.

if your expectations are that of terrestrial based networks, then, yeah,
it is gonna seem slow.  i tend to think "geez, this actually works!", and 
thus my expectations are based on actual function, not throughput.

mind you, my first internet connections were 9600bps, and 2400bps over x.25, 
so, maybe my tolerance level is a bit higher.  8^)

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