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Re: [nsp] Cisco DS3 Questions..

  • From: Niels Bakker
  • Date: Fri Feb 22 13:22:45 2002

[Replies redirected to cisco-nsp, where this is slightly more on-topic]

* [email protected] (Stephen Sprunk) [Fri 22 Feb 2002, 18:49 CET]:
> In practice, HDLC is the dominant encapsulation, primarily since it's
> Cisco's default.  If for no other reason, you should use HDLC because
> almost everyone expects you to be using it.  PPP is obviously present
> in non-Cisco shops, and anywhere MLPPP or LFI is needed.  FR is only
> used as a p-t-p encapsulation in certain cases that require it; almost
> nobody uses it without a good reason.

Also, PPP supports authentication and you have to be careful with
specifying that it's not needed for serial links towards customers,
otherwise you suddenly find yourself or your customer locked out;
with HDLC the risks of this are lower.

Of course, you only run into this sort of trouble if your provisioning
system isn't too well-thought-out, IMNSHO, or if you decide to move from
basic plain password authentication to something TACACS+-based...


	-- Niels.