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Re: [nsp] Cisco DS3 Questions..

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Fri Feb 22 12:50:13 2002

    > In practice, HDLC is the dominant encapsulation, primarily since it's
    > Cisco's default.  If for no other reason, you should use HDLC because almost
    > everyone expects you to be using it.  PPP is obviously present in non-Cisco
    > shops, and anywhere MLPPP or LFI is needed.  FR is only used as a p-t-p
    > encapsulation in certain cases that require it; almost nobody uses it
    > without a good reason.

I'd second that reasoning.  FWIW, MLPPP is one of the main reasons that
PPP seems to get used now, the ability to bond multiple DS1s together, or
even multiple DS3s, potentially, although there's little market force to
do that.  The main reason for running frame relay on a single
point-to-point would probably be preservation of VLANs across a bridged
link in a controlled way.  Not saying that's a particularly good use, just
that that's the most common reason I've seen it deployed on otherwise
simple point-to-points.  The idea behind frame relay is that it gives you
a multipoint layer-2 protocol to use on a more complicated network of