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best way to get to UUNet 'New York City' colo w/o car?

  • From: bert hubert
  • Date: Thu Feb 21 06:49:20 2002


We have half a rack in what UUNet like to call their 'New York City' colo
but which is so far outside NY City that nobody there knows where it is.
Now, because our people going there can't/don't want to rent a car, we find
ourselves at a loss to figure out how to get there easily.

The address is 401 Fieldcrest Drive, Elmsford, NY 10523-1026. We would like
to know how to get their directly from JFK and from Manhattan, if possible.

Last time we took a cab and that was very tricky - the cab driver proved to
be very flexible and understood the output of Yahoo's driving instructions
luckily, but you can't count on them being that good. It was also
exceedingly expensive.

Anything is fine with us, car service, public transport, whatever. 

Thanks for your time!



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