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Re: NSI/VeriSign propogating incorrect DNS glue records

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Sat Feb 16 13:50:14 2002

On 02/16/02, Derek Balling <[email protected]> wrote: 

> Move the domains elsewhere (e.g., if NS1.EXAMPLE.COM is bogus, move 
> EXAMPLE.COM elsewhere). Once you do that, NSI isn't in charge of 
> *.EXAMPLE.COM glue records any more, and you can have your new 
> registrar correct them - in most cases, quite quickly and easily.

	Unfortunately, if you have other domains registered with
	that same nameserver then NSI may hold onto the host record
	and not let go for MONTHS.

	That last announcement includes some hope, but I'm not
	holding my breath.

> It may not solve your "last-minute" issue, but the reality is that 
> convincing NSI to behave responsibly should be the next Olympic sport.

	I hear they're getting better about brand-new customers,
	but all of us who've been using them since the benevolent
	public service days (remember those?) still get screwed.

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