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NSI/VeriSign propogating incorrect DNS glue records

  • From: David Luyer
  • Date: Fri Feb 15 23:57:16 2002

Does anyone know any way to contact NSI and get them to remove or
correct bogus glue records (host entries)?  Not the phone number
on their website for international callers - they're completely
_not_ helpful.  Very polite, just no help.

Their automated systems send confirmation requests to the wrong
addresses (the legacy contact address on the *-HST record rather
than the new contact address on the domain, despite the claims
on their help pages).

As NSI are poisoning the DNS with incorrect and extraneous glue
records, all domains with the DNS servers in question are broken,
despite the domain which contains the DNS servers being already
redelegated and having correct updated entries for those hostnames
in it.

I've called NSI twice but they just seem to make up random stories
and tell me things I've done before aren't possible (pointing two
registered nameserver names at one IP for example... we have a
number pointing at one IP already, which they eventually verified).

And sitting on hold to the USA is frustrating, too.

Emailing them resulted in an automated response promising an answer
within 24 hours.  36 hours ago.

Can another registrar even do anything?  Since NSI have the domain
and host record, it doesn't seem likely.  And this is really urgent
for me since the bogus/old IPs being propogated by NSI are to be
derouted in less than 48 hours, so even if they do fix it there's
still outage time for the domains due to the 48 hour TTL.  It's
just completely screwed up that they can't even verify and expedite
the request in any way and just make up excuses like "our mail server
is playing up" and "email tends to take 24-48 hours to get through".
I don't have a problem getting email from/to anyone else on the
internet in less than a minute...