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Releasing AS numbers for misconfigured nets

  • From: Avleen Vig
  • Date: Mon Feb 11 23:13:00 2002

I hope I don't spark off a huge discussion on this :-)
But having said that, I am looking for personal as well as professional

This email is being posted to both RIPE-EOF and NANOG as the decision
could be helpful to both parties, not just those in the RIPE region.

A many weeks ago, SAFE ( to the decision
not to release the IP addresses of smurf amplifiers, only the weekly
statistics on smurf amplifiers in RIPE IP space as a whole. This was to
partly protect the misconfigured networks from being abused at a time when
they may not be able to fix the problem immediately.

A number of requests have been made for SAFE to release the AS number of
unco-operative[1] large (x500+ reply) smurf amplifiers, so that ISP's can
filter these people out more easily.

Further requests have been made that the AS numbers for *all* large smurf
amplifiers be released weekly.

What are the different thoughts people have on this?

Kindest regards,

[1] = those who fail to close an open smurf amplifier by the third check.
Checks are performed weekly. Notifications are emails to 'abuse', 'tech-c'
and 'admin-c' contacts as listed in the RIPE WHOIS database.

Avleen Vig
Network Security Officer
Smurf Amplifier Finding Executive: