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RE: InterNAP - any comments?

  • From: Miguel de Leon Dimayuga
  • Date: Tue Feb 05 13:09:49 2002

in their early years, they were fairly pricey for the
performance gain that you'd get.  we did some testing
and we didn't think the 10-20% performance gain we got 
using their link compared to connecting to a Tier-1 provider, 
warranted the 50%-100% additional we had to pay for it.

i haven't had the change to look at their performance recently - 
but in talking to some of their techies, they seem to have done a 
great deal of improvement from their early software 

i don't know their current pricing scheme, but you might
want to do some testing for yourself to see if the 
% gain is worth the % premium.

assuming that the answer to the above testing is positive,
it seems that internap might make sense for those
that ...

a:  put a premium on performance and can't afford multiple
upstream connections.  btw, a backup connection/second provider 
is always a GoodThingTM and a single internap connection is still
a single point of failure.

b:  those entities with multiple sites they want to 
interconnect (e.g. large corporations with different 
offices in the cities where internap is).  you might 
want to look into their frac DS3 service for this.

my $0.02...

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