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RE: InterNAP - any comments?

  • From: Jeb R. Linton
  • Date: Tue Feb 05 11:09:48 2002

One thing to keep in mind with InterNAP is that they are not so much a
Transit provider in the usual sense as a broker of Transit from the
major providers... The upshot is that there's an extra AS hop (theirs)
in your paths.

If you're single-homed or have connections only to InterNAP, this is
probably fine... Their route quality and SLAs are well-managed by all
accounts. However, it gets trickier if you try to multihome (with
multiple providers). In order to balance properly on both inbound and
outbound, you may have to do some serious tweaking on your connections
to all of your non-InterNAP BGP sessions.

YMMV... It's been a few months since I last talked to them, so they may
have worked out a new scheme by now.

- Jeb

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Very good. At point we had three DS3s going to them. Now we're down to
one DS3 circuit. Very reliable service, very clueful NOC, excellent
notification of all work performed ahead of time, circuit outages, BGP
flaps etc..

Been with them for three years now.

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Subject: InterNAP - any comments?

I'm looking at InterNAP as a provider.  Anyone have any comments on

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