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FOLLOWUP: Querying Large Number of Whois Records?

  • From: David R Huberman
  • Date: Mon Feb 04 18:54:11 2002


I found the minutes for the ARIN meeting at which the proposal I was
referring to was passed. I think my last post mis-represented the policy,
so here are the minutes for your enjoyment:

Policy Proposal 7 (Bulk copies of ARIN WHOIS DB) | Presentation

Richard Jimmerson stated the policy proposal and moderated the discussion
that followed.

It is proposed ARIN provide a bulk copy of WHOIS output, minus point of
contact information, on the ARIN FTP site for download by any organization
that wishes to obtain the data providing they agree to ARIN's acceptable
use policy that would accompany the data.

An attendee commented that as long as the proposed policy retains the
minus POC language, that he had no objections.

There was further discussion about how the AUP would be agreed to. The
language of the current proposal states that the AUP would be attached to
the data and that an individual who downloaded it would agree to the AUP
by default. One attendee expressed that they felt the requestor of the
data should physically sign the AUP and that ARIN should keep this
documentation on file.

The attendees of the meeting were asked if they supported the policy
proposal, as written.

Yeas: majority
Nays: 2