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Querying Large Number of Whois Records?

  • From: Spencer.Wood
  • Date: Mon Feb 04 18:39:27 2002

I'm sure that someone has already been asked by someone on this list, so please forget the duplicate request....

Anyway, we are looking for a way to query a large number of Whois Records.  We have a perl script that does a really great job of this (Feed it IP Address's, it give you back whois records), but, ARIN's Whois server appears to be configured that after 50 or so queries in quick succession, it will kill our connection (Which actually makes sense because of the potential load we or other people might put on it).

So, I was wondering, is there any good method of queuing large number of Whois Records, or possibly setting up a caching whois server?

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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