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Re: Reducing Usenet Bandwidth

  • From: Chris Adams
  • Date: Sun Feb 03 16:04:01 2002

Once upon a time, Jared Mauch <[email protected]> said:
> 	The problem is that the "tier 2" and whatnot providers have [mostly]
> missed the boat on it and don't have people that are able to configure
> their routers for mbgp.  (this is not to say all but most).
> 	There are a lot of resources for getting help in fixing and
> deploying multicast these days.  It'd be nice to see more people turning it
> on.

Okay, I'm with a (decent sized, although probably small by NANOG
measures) ISP.  Why do I want to turn on multicast (what does it get me
that I don't have today)?  And if I want to turn it on, where can I find
the resources you mention?

These are meant as honest questions (not intended as rhetorical or
argumentative questions).  I want to understand why I should do this.
Chris Adams <[email protected]>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.