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Re: Reducing Usenet Bandwidth

  • From: Robert Boyle
  • Date: Sat Feb 02 16:37:19 2002

At 04:06 PM 2/2/2002 -0500, you wrote:

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, Alex Rubenstein wrote:

> Perhaps the same time the end-users (whose fees go towards paying for the
> hardware, presumably) say "we don't want binaries anymore."

It would be interesting to survey the customers and see:

A) how many would care if we didn't provide usenet
B) how many would care if we didn't carry any binaries
C) how many have never heard of usenet

I suspect A and B would be small, and C large.
We are a medium sized ISP with about 15,000 customers using connection types from dialup to T3. We have found that at any given time, we have 5-10 users connected to our news server per hour. Assuming the average session is at least 1-2 hours for most binaries users and the same people probably use news each day... .0002% of our users actually use usenet. We have outsourced news for about 2 years to Giganews and we have found it to be a far more effective solution for our needs anyway.


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