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RE: OT: Interesting email I received

  • From: Daniel Lark
  • Date: Fri Feb 01 15:59:27 2002

Oh they're definitely off of qwest:

CnS Systems, Inc. (NATIONALISP11-DOM)
   4304 Hunter Oaks Dr.
   High Point, NC 27265

   Domain Name: NATIONAL-ISP.ORG

   Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
      CnS Systems, Inc.  (UOLABCFHYO)  [email protected]
      CnS Systems, Inc.
      4304 Hunter Oaks Dr.
      High Point, NC 27265
   Technical Contact:
      VeriSign, Inc.  (HOST-ORG)  [email protected]
      VeriSign, Inc.
      21355 Ridgetop Circle
      Dulles, VA 20166
      1-888-642-9675 fax:

   Record last updated on 03-Jan-2002.
   Record expires on 20-Dec-2003.
   Record created on 20-Dec-2001.
   Database last updated on 1-Feb-2002 01:31:00 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:


Now will qwest "do the right thing" seeing as how blatant this is?


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> > National ISP Co. is a business class bulk email friendly ISP.
> Tracing the route to NATIONAL-ISP.ORG (
> [...]
>  15 ( [AS 209] 132 msec 100
msec 144 msec
>  16 [AS 209] 388 msec 852 msec 608 msec
>  17 NATIONAL-ISP.ORG ( [AS 209] 524 msec 584 msec 268
> Well, qwest *is* bulk-friendly...

We've been tracking spam closely as the geeks in the back room are
homebrewing 'SpamShredder'.. and Andrew (the head anti-spam programmer)
told me today that just over 50% of what we are seeing is coming from
Qwest controlled IP's, mostly low end resell dial-ups.