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Re: SlashDot: "Comcast Gunning for NAT Users"

  • From: David Charlap
  • Date: Fri Feb 01 11:04:54 2002

> Chris Adams said:
> proxies and some browsers can easily spoof user-agents but there's
> no reason other than NAT or proxying to explain automatically
> downloading both the NT and XP patch lists.

How about owning multiple computers, without attaching them all to the

If I download a MacOS update from my PC, burn a CD, walk it over to the
Mac in the room, and install the update, I haven't violated any
conceivable service terms.

It's nothing short of hubris (on the part of both Microsoft and the
ISPs) to assume that nobody ever uses a computer for more than web
surfing.  They then ride this ludicrous assumption into the insane
conclusion that every computer in the world is either attached to the
internet or is out of service.

-- David