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OT: Wireless Billing Trivia Being Sought

  • From: Leigh Anne Chisholm
  • Date: Wed Jan 30 13:11:06 2002

Definitely off topic, but I thought there'd likely be someone out there that
could answer this question for me.  Last night a group of friends and myself
were talking about using cellular telephones in light aircraft.  The
question that was posed is, what happens if the call is originated to a
locally dialed number but transitions into the long-distance toll area?
Conversely, what happens if a call originates in an area where long-distance
charges apply but you transition into the local toll area?

I know what I'd expect to happen--but does it actually work that way?
Perhaps in an effort to keep this group "on-topic" - replies could be sent
to me directly.  If anyone else is interested in the answer, I'd be willing
to forward them the information I get.


  -- Leigh Anne

  -- Leigh Anne