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RE: DNS DOS increasing?

  • From: James Smith
  • Date: Mon Jan 21 12:39:11 2002

Title: RE: DNS DOS increasing?

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Subject: RE: DNS DOS increasing?

BGP isn't that expensive.

For some, it is a cost that can be mitigated by "workaround" technologies that are cheaper.

Of course, it could be argued that if you're not willing to make the investment to do it the BGP way, you don't really need it bad enough.

Enter the salesman who is heard to tell his prospects " don't have the cost of BGP, you get the same effect as BGP, and you don't even have to tell your ISP!".

James H. Smith II  NNCDS NNCSE
Systems Engineer
The Presidio Corporation

By the way, I speak only for myself, which gets me in enough trouble...