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Re: router startup behavior

  • From: Havard Eidnes
  • Date: Wed Jan 16 06:09:12 2002

> Just guessing - you're seeing these events between midnight 
> and 5 am?

Hm, couldn't reist this one: "which time zone"?

Just hinting that even though it's that time interval in the US, local
time is different in other places around the world, so if this is
causing disturbance, others are probably being hit in their working

Besides, I was under the impression that to activate a new outbound
roting policy on a Cisco, you could just modify / replace it, but that
you would still have to do

  router#clear ip bgp xxx soft out

to activate it.  This means that the policy for an existing peer can
be modified without having to remove the peering and reenable it
shortly thereafter (something which would cause needless route


- Håvard