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Re: Intelligent IGP Link Costing Algorithms?

  • From: Joel Krauska
  • Date: Fri Jan 11 01:25:37 2002

> > An added twist appears to be that a full demand matrix
> > is difficult to build without large systems of flow
> > collection. I'm curious if the problem can easily be
> > approached without full insight in to this data.
> > (per link usage yes, but without end-to-end flows)
> It's not merely flow data. You also have to include variables such as
cost of
> the circuit(s) at a given data rate.

True, but this even further complicates the optimization.

You could equally consider multiple upstream provider
transit costs. I was trying to keep it simple.

I was simplifying based on the fact that most large
providers own or lease their own backbones, and don't
directly pay per bit on their own network.