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Re: Automated DLR conflict detection

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Thu Jan 03 05:27:02 2002

> Unlike MS-Something certification, CCIE certification is tough enough
> and practical enough that the annointed ones are often proven to be useful
> in any situation. Although I am an old *nix/Linux routing nutcase, I work
> with a young sponge that just got his CCIE and I am impressed with the
> foundation he has and his ability to apply it to a wide variety of
> equipment and scenerios.

"Ha ha ha ha ha". Sorry - but I have come across CCIEs that do *not*
understand basic LAN / WAN issues, BGP ("that's like RIP/OSPF isn't it ?")
and a whole range of similar stuff. I know that people always slip through,
but please don't equate CCIE with 'independent' qualifications. (Independent
as in vendor neutral, and to some extent technology neutral).