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Re: OUTAGE: five bridges across Mississippi destroyed

  • From: Craig Partridge
  • Date: Mon Dec 31 14:52:51 2001

Hi Randy:

>the nas is giving it a go, calling for participation in one of their
>classic committees.  not being a great fan of engineering by committee,
>i hit delete.

You've confused committees.

The National Academy committee is studying how the Internet dealt with 9/11.
The idea is to take a real-life example (probably our first) of a disaster
where the Internet was both (a) infrastructure and (b) a [minor] victim
of the disaster.  There's been lots of theorizing about how the Internet
would behave, and a number of postmortems (mostly from perspectives that
could be accused of bias) about how the Internet did on 9/11.

To be clear, the committee is not doing engineering and is seeking the
widest possible input -- especially as the NAS specializes in producing
reports that see to reflect all perspectives.

Thus the committee is not out to solve Sean's posed question (though if
someone had an answer to Sean's question, it would be useful grist to the


Craig Partridge
(who may end up chairing said committee, pending NAS review for bias issues)