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Re: Automated DLR conflict detection

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Mon Dec 31 11:17:43 2001

Thus spake "EA Louie" <[email protected]>
> That may have been true during your genre of CCIE's, but not with the
> round of CCIE's, my friends... you should see the posts I see on the ccie
> lab mailing lists.  Its enough to scare even me, and I don't scare easily.

The people studying for CCIE can be scary.  The failure rate is extremely
high, and most (but unfortunately not all) of the people who pass are
reasonably clueful.

> The latest round of study materials is creating a "puppy mill" of CCIEs -
> inexperienced, money-hungry, power-conscious, and absolutely clueless.  I
> wouldn't give most of them the enable passwords to my routers...

A certification does not absolve you from due diligence during the hiring
process.  I've turned down a few CCIE applicants for lack of clue myself.