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RE: Automated DLR conflict detection

  • From: Kevin Gannon
  • Date: Mon Dec 31 06:51:19 2001

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> > Actually I would be much happy with a Certified something.  I can't
> > figure out why people want a CCIE to run their Juniper routers.
> Because a CCIE is about a lot more than knowing how to configure a Cisco
> device, very few will pass a CCIE test without _knowing_ the technology,
> and what they are doing, and that is the same regardless of the label on
> the equipment.

That may have been true during your genre of CCIE's, but not with the latest
round of CCIE's, my friends... you should see the posts I see on the ccie
lab mailing lists.  Its enough to scare even me, and I don't scare easily.
The latest round of study materials is creating a "puppy mill" of CCIEs -
inexperienced, money-hungry, power-conscious, and absolutely clueless.  I
wouldn't give most of them the enable passwords to my routers...

I agree that certainly the newer CCIE trend is for money as fast as possible
and I have meet some of the newer CCIE's and .......

However something to note is the vast amount of CCIE's work for Gold
in these kind of environments it is very hard to hide. Of the better CCIE's
I have worked with they tend to be very down to earth. I have meet some
very self important guys as well, these tend to have something to hide. Many
seem to have a problem saying "I dont know" the betters ones can say I dont
know but they will find out for you.

I hope to be joining the "puppy mill" soon and if I get power consciuos
my peers will be quick to give me a kick back to relatity. 


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