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RE: Automated DLR conflict detection

  • From: mike harrison
  • Date: Mon Dec 31 06:06:16 2001

> forced to hire CCIE's instead of JCIE's?  Would I be better getting a
> JCIE because there are rarer?  I noticed several CCIE's rising to defend
> their certification, but not a single JCIE.

I would contend there are a few more CCIE's than JCIE's and in a real
world large company hiring situation you face a few possible scenerios: 

  1. The commitee to revise job requirements has not met. 
  2. The manager requesting the position through HR is clueless.
  3. HR is clueless, and just cut-and-pasted a similiar job ad.
  4. They know exactly what they are doing, and the person they 
     really want to hire happens to be CCIE, and they figure he/she
     can read the Juniper manuals until they get the JCIE. 

By the way.. I am thinking of using a Juniper M5 for a channelized DS3
interface to a local CLEC (serving data to frac T1 customers). 
Any good/bad comments? 

As for getting the JCIE because they are rarer.. that's just wrong. 
Get what you need and can use where you want to live.

  --Mike Harrison
      Rare (and now useless) certifications include: 
          CBET #2750  (ASHE Certified BioMedical Electronics Technician)
          CCE  #2750  (ASHE Certified Clinical Engineer)
          Irix Linear Phased Array Ultrasound Certified Technician
          Sharplan CO2 Laser Certified Technician
          GE 3 Phase X-Ray...
          ad infiniteum ad nauseum