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Re: microsoft

  • From: Christopher Schulte
  • Date: Fri Dec 28 12:58:15 2001

At 12:21 PM 12/28/2001 -0500, Ian A Finlay wrote:
Can anyone shed light here?
1) Both of the listed Nameservers for timed out when I sent them non recursive DNS requests.

2) I killed my DNS cache, and asked again for the NS records for A new third one was listed, and one of the original servers began to respond.

3) Another reload shows only 2 servers listed again, and they both respond.

Looks to me as if Microsoft is altering global delegation of their windowsupdate service. Maybe diversifying the dns structure as they did with after the attacks a while back? They now have 12 DNS servers scattered around the globe, just to serve dns.

[email protected]/iaf 148=>nslookup
Default Server:


*** can't find Non-existent